Inbetween, 2021
Stainless steal, wood (oak),
3 x 2,5m, chain 5m

Inbetween – Installation View, 2021
Video, full HD, color, no sound, 6:37 min

Inbetween – being in between: between heaven and earth, between freedom and security, between playing and working, between things you can change and things you are at the mercy of.

A swing whose seat hangs on a chain that is far too long, that has drawn or even dug a furrow in the ground, that disappears into the soil.

Movement in times of a standstill, the monotonous repetition of the same activity, the traces of time. A minimalistic sculpture referring to the art of the 1960´s in it’s form and materiality, bound to the daily life of postmodernism in its appropriation of objects, a metaphor for life in general and the experience of the pandemic in particular; a plaything as sculpture and an experimental arrangement as installation: Inbetween.